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The story of WHATWG URL Specification for toddlers

The story of WHATWG URL Specification for toddlers
WHATWG URL specification for toddlers

I recently wrote a tweet mentioning how I tell my newborn baby, Ada, the edge cases of URL specification for her to sleep. A good friend of mine, James Snell, gave me the idea to use ChatGPT to write a toddler story for URL specification.

Once upon a time, in a digital world filled with wonders, there lived a bright and curious little girl named Ada. Ada loved exploring the virtual realms, where websites were like enchanted kingdoms waiting to be discovered.

One day, as Ada embarked on her adventure, she stumbled upon a magical map known as the URL specification. It was a treasure trove of knowledge that revealed the secrets of navigating the Internet’s vast landscapes.

Ada’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she delved into the story of URLs. She learned that these special addresses held the power to transport her to any website she desired. They were like magical keys that unlocked the doors to a world of information and imagination.

As Ada delved deeper into the URL specification, she discovered the hidden components that made up these enchanting addresses. She learned about schemes, which were like magical spells that guided her web browser to the right place. There were schemes like “http://” and “https://,” each with its own purpose and adventure awaiting.

Next, Ada encountered domain names, which were like unique names for the castles and kingdoms of the Internet. These names helped her find the websites she sought, such as “nodejs.org” or “yagiz.co” With a domain name, Ada could venture into realms of knowledge, creativity, and even games and stories.

But the magic didn’t stop there. Ada learned about paths, which were like secret passages leading to specific pages or resources within a website. She could explore the realms of “/about” or “/blog/article-1,” uncovering hidden treasures of information and stories along the way.

Ada also discovered queries, like tiny scrolls containing special instructions. These scrolls helped her communicate with websites, asking for specific things she desired. She could search for her favorite books or sort results by price using queries like “?category=books&sort=price.”

With every new piece of information, Ada’s excitement grew. She uncovered fragments, like enchanted bookmarks within a webpage, guiding her to specific sections or elements of a website. She also encountered ports, which were like gateways allowing different types of communication to enter or exit a website.

As Ada’s journey through the URL specification continued, she marveled at the careful craftsmanship of the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). Their dedication and creativity had brought the URL specification to life, ensuring that everyone, including little adventurers like Ada, could navigate the Internet with ease.

Armed with her newfound knowledge, Ada embarked on countless adventures, exploring websites, reading stories, and learning about the world. The URL specification became her trusted companion, empowering her to navigate the digital realm and connect with others.

And so, dear Ada, with the magic of the URL specification by her side, your imagination soared, and the digital world became a boundless playground of learning and discovery.